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CVE-2015-2487 / ZDI-15-420 - Microsoft Internet Explorer Embedded Windows Media Player Use-After-Free Remote Code Execution (MS15-094)
CVE-2015-3680 / ZDI-15-284 - Apple OS X DFont FOND Memory Corruption Remote Code Execution
CVE-2015-3679 / ZDI-15-287 - Apple OS X morx nSubtables Memory Corruption Remote Code Execution
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Crash PoC
mksh-R50e File Descriptor Parsing Integer Overflow
CVE-2015-0036 / ZDI-15-019 - Microsoft Internet Explorer CShadow Direction Integer Overflow Remote Code Execution (MS15-009)
Hopper Disassembler 2.8.7 / 3.6.2 Mach-O Handling Buffer Overflow
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (11.0.9600.17107) MSHTML!CStr::_Free Crash
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - WeakMap Integer divide-by-zero DoS
CVE-2014-3788 - Cogent DataHub Heap Buffer Overflow Remote Code Execution
CVE-2014-0256 - Microsoft iSCSI Target Remote Denial of Service (MS14-028)
CVE-2014-0255 - Microsoft iSCSI Target Remote Denial of Service (MS14-028)
CVE-2014-1449 - Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android Address Bar Spoofing
ZDI-13-252 - Cogent DataHub Heap Overflow Remote Code Execution
CVE-2012-4399 - CakePHP 2.x XXE injection
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